Pre Owned Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Pre-Owned or Used Office Furniture Cubicles

Ask us about our complete refurbishing, cleaning, and installation services. These additional services are available at a modest cost but will make your cubicle systems look fresh at a fraction of the price of purchasing these items new. Plus, we offer free design services to give you a fresh, modern office cubicle look and feel.

We sell Authorized dealer of Steelcase, Knoll, Herman Miller.

Large Selection on Used Office Cubicles during the process of upholstery We use fabric from Guilford Of Maine in Refurbishing Process. At OFS we clearly maintain the high standards of refurbishing process.

Refurbished Cubicles

At Office Furniture Shop, we inspect all the used products before refurbishing to ensure all the mechanisms and adjustments. If the inventory doesn’t pass the inspection we won’t make it available to customers to ensure the best quality for customers. If there is any discoloration or ripped area or fabrics, we replace it with brand new ones. Used furniture can be refurbished as per the customers unique needs and as a modern office furniture. Refurbished furniture looks as new as the brand new furniture but with low cost, which is a huge advantage. we can make custom refurbishments as per the customer ideas and comfort.