Knoll Life Chair

Knoll Life Chairs sets the standard for their effortless comfort and sophisticated design. Automatically, the advanced control will respond to the shift in body weight and provides personalized ergonomic support to users. RJV Office Furnishing brings the superior class collection in both new & used segments, making them the last chairs you’ll ever need to buy for your office space.

To take a sneak peak into the features segment, the synchronized recline along with auto-balanced tension effortlessly adjusts to the body weight as a counter balance.

Dynamic seating of Knoll Life Chairs alleviates the pressure points, allowing proper circulation, supporting perched postures and eliminates thick foam upholstery dependency. Adjusting the resistance of the chairs’ reclining mechanism can be done with ease. Besides, the Tilt Lock gives the user an ability to lock the chair upright and also allows recline, based on the task you handle.