Ergonomic Solutions

Bringing the WELLNESS in your WORKPLACE: Ergonomic chairs available at RJV Office Furnishing fits the user’s height and body dimensions so as to provide comfort and support healthy physical body mechanics. Let your employees experience a better quality of working life, while reducing strain and muscle tension during the long work sessions. Ergonomic office furniture solutions offer by RJV will significantly reduce the frequency of common issues raised, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back strain. RJV OfficeFurnitureShop carries a wide selection of ergonomic office chairs, find the one which suits your office’s décor, physical needs and work habits.
Ergonomic Chairs in Traditional and Modern Styles
Whether your office adheres to traditional or contemporary design principles, RJV Office Furnishing provides you an ergonomic chair that suits perfect to your space. You’ll find upholstery options in an attractive range of colors that emerge a modern look offering excellent airflow, considerably comes with both mesh and fabric in some models.
Improve your staff’s productivity through ergonomic seating, while benefiting improved comfort, health, usability and ultimately increase your bottom line. Opt for ergonomic chairs which have height adjustments, arms supportive and the material that molds to the body for a customized feel. Choose a 5-star base on caster wheels for better mobility or a traditional base one for the usage in reception area.
Options made available for All Types of Workstations
Select an appropriate ergonomic option for any type of your workstation. Starting with a task chair, it’s suitable for frequently used areas but only ideal for brief periods of time. Most of ‘em have either adjustable arms or no arms for complete freedom of movement. Where as an executive chair, it often offers both full adjustability and comprehensive ergonomic support. And then, the mid-back chairs are identical to executive chairs, but it’s just that they don’t offer head, upper back and neck support.
To make your office space ergonomic-friendly, our furnishing solution offers Chelsea High Back/Task/Executive Chairs which are top rated for continuous usage, fully adjustable and can sustain high weight capacities.

Salient Features for Maximum Comfort
Our ergonomic office chairs enables unimpeded circulation and doesn’t put much pressure on the knees and thighs. Another important feature is Lumbar Support which helps in encouraging good posture.
Ergonomic chairs at RJV have acquired adjustable features to ensure that they suit the user’s body and perfectly fit for better posture. We have various models with armrests that can be adjustable up and down and side to side. Few of them have armrests that has the ability to fully swing out of the way. Others are height adjustable to ensure the feet to be rested comfortably on the floor, while some have adjustable back height so that the neck can be rested at an optimal level.
Reach us today & our professionals at RJV Furnishing will help your organization understand how ergonomics can make a real difference to your office.