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Tips for Easy & Hassle-Free Office Liquidation

Office liquidation is no more a hectic task with many reliable office liquidators available near you. However, it is always given an afterthought and the last minute hassle leads to office furniture mismanagement. The clutter consisting of office furniture, hardware and stationery can be organized in a proper manner while leaving your office premises.

Here are some useful tips for easy office liquidation:

Allow sufficient time

Evaluation, disassembling and removal of office furniture require enough time as it ill ensure maximum value of the assets. Letting sufficient time allows the liquidation firm the time that is necessary to sell the office assets at the best price.

Hire professional office furniture liquidators

Choose only experienced liquidators for the job as they will chalk out the perfect plan for your liquidation including the time span required, cost and a step-by-step process.

Let liquidators build your inventory list

Any liquidator firm would want to prepare their own liquidation list of your inventory in their specific format. Usually, inventory preparation is considered as a part of their proposal and they do it in a truly professional manner. So, it is always good to let experts take the charge.

Reduce cost to your company

When liquidating, there are many hidden costs that are often overlooked such as labor costs, removal costs, transportation costs, storage expenses, unloading charges, reloading costs, and installation costs. When dealing with a professional liquidator company, you do not have to bear these while you also save on the recurring storage costs.

Prefer liquidating the whole rather than just a part

Businesses that are considering liquidating a selective part of their office furniture should once give a thought to evaluate their entire inventory as it will ensure maximum return. Selling selected items often end up in an overall loss to the business and does not offset the additional cost of liquidating the lesser valued items.

Look for an office furniture wholesaler not a furniture broker

The major difference between the two is that a furniture wholesaler will commit a deadline in the proposal to incur all the labor, purchase and remove all the furniture within a stipulated time period.

We, the Office Furniture Shop offer professional office furniture liquidation services that include decommissioning, liquidating and moving office furniture as well as IT equipment that are planning to reorganize, downsize, upgrade or relocate. Contact us now!

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  1. My friend’s workplace is downsizing and they’re looking to sell office furniture and supplies from the closing offices, and your tips will no doubt really help him and his boss with the process. Getting an inventory list assembled, of course, should be their first step, and it’s great to know that liquidators will make inventory part of their services. They have a lot of nicer old furniture (lots of solid wood desks) and so getting professionals that can evaluate the true cost of the furniture properly will be important for them.
    Thanks for the valuable tips, keep it up. Most recommended blog.

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