Office Space Planning

Know the Basics of Office Space Planning

Work environment plays a very important role in an individual’s life as one spends maximum time at work than anywhere else. Not only does the look and feel of the floor matters, but also does the aesthetic appeal. Looking from a designer’s eye is not easy but the below basics can help design an office space that convinces of a full space utility to save costs and promote flexibility for workers.

Optimizing office space design is a skill as many times businesses end up sizing up a bigger office which in turn increases rent. Professional office space planners serve their services specifically to organize space intelligently so that more people can be accommodated into an existing floor space. Additionally, the floor space design also has an environmental impact and businesses are positively aware towards their corporate social image.

In order to plan, design and organize an office space, there are few critical choices to be made.

Purpose: Out of the many spaces to choose from, like cubicles, work stations, meeting spaces, establishing a use   and functional space is important. An outline of spaces depending on their utility and overall needs of your company is the first step.

Layout: The layout of the office should go hand-in-hand with its use. An office layout is documented in the form of an office floor plan which is better if done by the help of a professional architect.

Appearance: The next step after layout is defined is the office space design. Interior design has a great impact on the overall look and feel of your business premises. The architecture and interior design along with office furniture must necessarily be a reflection of your business’ culture and values. Some studies have also shown that the color of your workspace has a great impact on employees’ productivity.

Filing & Wiring: Paperwork is still an important component in offices. The documentation needs proper and organized space. Especially in medical offices, filing is a crucial aspect.

Standardization: For large office spaces, standardization plays a key role. Certain elements like conference rooms, cubicle spaces can be standardized to give the office space a uniform and classic look.

Office space planning is a strategic workplace decision and if taken in the right manner, workplace can be transformed into a highly-functional and pleasant space to work at. The Office Furniture Shop is a one-stop-shop for all your office space planning and office furniture needs. Visit to browse through our office designing ideas and equipment.

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  1. I like how the article talks about planning the layout of office space so that whatever furniture is brought in can be used to great effect since an office space should at the very least be conducive to work so that employees would be motivated to come in every day to do their jobs. General appearance and overall layout are also one of the important things to consider since the architecture and interior design of the office furniture should at least be a reflection of the business’ culture and values. If I had a chance to help move old office furniture around, I would try to save it and redesign the place before having to sell off the furniture and getting replacements.

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