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Benefits of Ergonomic Seating in Corporate Offices

How much time do you spend at your office desk? The answer would be definitely more than your sleeping hours. And yes, here comes the explanation of why one expects to be seated in an ergonomic desk and chair arrangement while at work. The stress at work is more than enough to make you feel lethargic at the end of the day and when it is coupled with incorrect seating, you may badly suffer from back aches, disk dislocations, wrist pains, etc. According to research, sedentary lifestyle leads to serious health conditions and can be risky at times.

Ergonomic seating has thus become a necessity in corporate work environments. Ultimately, an individual may not deliver his optimum performance when not in good health.


Ergonomic tables and chairs lower the occurrence of muscu-skeletal disorders thereby reducing employee absenteeism at work. It considerably reduces the company’s expenses (in case insurance facility is provided) in treatment of employees.


Physically exhausted employee is never pleasantly engaged in work. Physical stress causes mental distress which means more sick leaves by your staff. Ergonomic seating gives proper desktop positions for working long time.  REDUCES SICK DAYS WITH ERGONOMIC SEATING



There is too much moving, bending and lifting in offices which may hamper the life of office furniture. An ergonomic office seating would enhance the furniture’s life as they are made to adapt to the flexible, rough use by employees, thereby reducing wear and tear.


A healthy employee makes a happy employee and ergonomic chairs mainly intend to give a protected, comfortable seating to the employees which directly impacts the work performance of the staff and improves task efficiency.


Employees appreciate a caring and healthy environment. They feel good and speak well of the company and encourage long-term association as for most of the crowd out there assign more importance to job satisfaction.

Ergonomic seating arrangement is a smart decision as it promotes a healthy office environment that is beneficial both for the employer as well as employee. Office Furniture Shop has a team of professionals having experience in office interior designing and space management. We have a wide range of collection of all types of ergonomic office furniture including computer chairs, executive leather chairs, reception chairs, conference chairs, etc at competitive prices.

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